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Industrial Filter Manufacturer

We are leading designer and manufacturer of industrial filters. As a leading Industrial Filters Manufacturer, we provide products and solution to major chemical processing industries within India and Worldwide. The core of our business as a Filter Housing Manufacturer is to produce quality standard or bespoke products for a reasonable price, which allow us to be confident that we would be a valuable resource for your business.

LNG Filters journey started as an Industrial Filters Manufacturer and in a very short span of time it becomes the name of trust, quality and innovative approach. Our unconditional customer satisfaction with good understanding of process industry requirement makes us different from other Filter Housing Manufacturer. We primarily deal in micron and macro filtration products where the contamination size ranges from 0.1 to 1000 µm. As trusted Filter Housing Manufacturer, LNG Filters manufactures a wide variety of filtration products including cartridge filter housing, bag filter housing, strainers housing, pleated dust collection filter bags, pleated dust collection cartridges and conventional dust collection bags.

For further information on any of our industrial filtration solutions, or to discuss your requirements, simply call us or complete the online form and our experienced sales representative will contact you for an initial discussion.


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Why Us?

1. Quality

The filter housings and consumables are produced under Quality Management System (QMS) which ensures the consistent quality over the period of time. Read More

2. Short manufacturing Lead time

Our state of the art manufacturing facility and optimized manufacturing process ensures short delivery time which keeps us ahead of our peers.

3. Competitive price

Our optimized manufacturing process help us reduce the overall operation cost and enable us to offer the Quality product at competitive price.

4. Contamination analysis

It is often encountered that the filtration rating is wrongly selected due to lack of knowledge or attention. The behaviour of filtration system largely depends upon the nature of contamination, it’s physical and chemical characteristics. Read More

5. Pilot Scale Trials

The filtration process depends upon temperature, pressure and many other parameters. Therefore, it is always possible to predict the outcome through laboratory scale disc filtration process. Read More

6. Filtration Process Optimization

The inadequately designed filter system either increase the capital investment (in case of overdesign) or exhibits the poor performance (in case of under design). Read More

Authorised Dealer

Graver Technologies is a member of The Marmon Group - a Berkshire Hathaway company, an international corporation with more than $8 billion in annual sales. Founded in 1950s as The Graver Company which later renamed as “Graver Technologies” in 1998. LNG FILTERS is an authorized distributor in India.

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Paints and Inks
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