The Filtration is a complex operation which is influenced by many process parameters. The actual production scale filtration process sometimes differs from the trials conducted at pilot scale. The performance of filters varies with changes in process parameters such as Pressure, Temperature, Viscosity, pH, nature of suspended particles etc.

We provide below-mentioned services to help you identify an efficient solution to your filtration problem.

  • Measurement of Total Suspended Particles in your Process Fluid
  • Particle Size Analysis of Insoluble particles
  • Pilot Scale trials to identify the correct solution
  • Cleanliness analysis of Hydraulic systems
  • On-site inspection to identify the filtration problem

With innovative approach and continuous efforts in application analysis, we can provide solutions to all major sectors.

  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Textiles
  • Dyes and intermediates
  • Paints and inks
  • Fertilizers
  • Water treatment
  • Paper and Pulp

And many more

For any Liquid and Gas Filtration problem, contact our sales team to get an adequate solution.