Spun bonded filter cartridges

Spun bonded filter cartridges

LNG Filters is a leader in manufacturing and supplying Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges. These cartridges are manufactured using a carefully engineered manufacturing process to form the true density gradient. We are the most prominent supplier of Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges and has been serving the industry with best quality cartridges and excellent after-sale support.

Our manufacturing process ensures that all Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges are made of polypropylene construction allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications. It works on the principle of depth filtration where larger particles are collected at the surface and smaller particles are retained in-depth as the density of filter media increases gradually. Our manufacturing of Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges has graded density construction that makes cartridges having the highest dirt holding capacity.

  • Graded density construction provides built-in prefiltration and longer life.
  • All polypropylene construction
  • Wide range of chemical compatibility
  • No use of resins or binders
  • Performance validation available as per ASTM F 795 -88
  • Outer diameter: 2.5", 4"
  • Inside diameter: 1"
  • Length: 10", 20", 30",40“
  • Filtration rating: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 µm
  • Temperature: Up to 80°C
  • Recommended Pressure drop: 1.5 kg/cm²(g)
  • Double Open End (DOE)
  • 226 O-ring with Bayonet/Fin
  • 222 O-ring with Bayonet/Fin
  • Neoprene, Viton, Silicon, Buna-N

Do you know that change in temperature, pressure, viscosity or formulation of the product can also affect the filtration process?

To select the right micron size of the filter or to improve the efficiency of the process,contact Us for more Details.

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