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Pleated dust Collection catridges

Pleated dust Collection catridges

We are a leading Pleated Dust collection cartridge Manufacturer, Our Pleated dust collection cartridges can be customized with different coatings on 100% polyester media as per the application requirements. The design and structure of Pleated Dust Collection Bags & cartridges are similar. The only noticeable differentiation between the two is their filtration area. The construction of the pleated dust collection cartridge is similar to the pleated bags. Our pleated cartridges are available in the variety of paper filter media and treatment as per requirement of the application. The paper filter media exhibits the surface filtration and excellent cake release properties. The treatment of filter media is selected based on application requirement.

Pleated dust collection cartridges are fully compatible with all old requirements. OEMs, plants, manufacturers can easily replace traditional tube bags with pleated dust collection bags & cartridges with just a few minor modifications in the present equipment design. We, as Pleated Dust collection cartridge Manufacturer, uses Cellulose-Polyester blend media, Spun Bonded Polyester Media, Nomex Media, and Pleatable PPS Media in the cartridges. The unique & solid finished material provides feature of good pleat ability, higher durability, and unique hard structure of very fine filament yarn which offers high performance in filtration. The cartridges thus provide higher filtration area compared to pleated bags, has effective cake release characteristics, longer service life that helps in reducing the OEMs process costs.

  • Higher filtration area compared to pleated bags
  • Effective cake release characteristic
  • Surface filtration
  • Longer service life
  • Ultrasonically fused longitudinal joint
  • Outer bands for mechanical strength
  • Cellulose-Polyester blend media
  • Spun Bonded Polyester Media
  • Pleatable Nomex Media
  • Pleatable PPS Media
  • Hydro/Oleophobic: Suitable for oily and moist application
  • Antistatic: A micro thin finish of Aluminum is applied to the filter media. The conductive thin layer of Aluminium helps to dissipate static charge buildup. Application includes Shotblasting, Powder coating, Cement etc.
  • Fire Retardant: Treated with fire retardant additive
  • ePTFE membrane: The PTFE membrane is laminated to the substrate. Suitable for Sticky dust or moist environment
  • Clean Side/Top Load
    • a) Flange type Top End cap
    • b) Aluminum 3 Lug type Top End cap
  • Dirt Side/Bottom Load
    • a) Dom type bottom end cap (Tie Rod fitment)
  • Diameter: Ø 150 mm, Ø 225 mm, Ø 325 mm
  • Length: 500 mm, 1000 mm, 1400 mm or as per requirement
  • We provide replacements for all major brands.