Microfiltration Product

Microfiltration products for the contamination of the range 0.1-10 µm

The various application requires the filtration to remove the particles which are in the range of 0.1-10 µm. The products are tested to a worldwide accepted standard of defining the efficacy of filters. The B-ratio are defined by using the liquid particle counter. Microfiltration products include both sterilizing-grade and clarification stage filters.

The sterilizing grade filters are challenged with bacterial retention test @ 10^7 CFU/cm² using standard test organism B. diminuta (ATCC 19146) as per international standard ASTM 838-15a. The analysis disc filter installed downstream to test filter is incubated and no of colonies are observed at 48h and 7 days. The filters are manufactured using carefully selected materials that pass the extractable test as per the worldwide standard. The sterilizing grade filters are subjected to integrity test at the time of manufacturing to ensure that the filter meets the demanding application. The hydrophobic cartridge filters are available in pre-wet condition to avoid pre-wetting procedure before filtering the aqueous solution.

The clarification grade filter cartridges are tested for efficacy in removing suspended particles by single pass test as per ASTM F 795-88. The filter medium is challenged with the standard test fluid and test dust. The cleanliness of filtrate is measured with an optical particle counter and the result is compared with the inlet fluid to derive the efficiency of the filter.

LF's microfiltration products are reliable for sterilizing grade and clarification grade filtration application.

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